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Thank you for stopping by my site.  I hope you find a wealth of great information that you can use to apply to your life today or in the future.  Or you may know of someone else that you can refer to the site that can use the very valuable information today or in the future. 

Have you been searching for that special bookstore that goes the extra mile? Well, look no further than Lisa Harper! As I grow my extensive collection, I hope to  meet your every need. While, I’m not a new Author, I’m  inviting all single women to purchase a copy of my latest book, especially if you’re in a complicated relationship. If you know you are doing everything you can do to ensure your part is done, or better yet, if you are doing your part as well as his and  things are still complicated, this book will be a very resourceful tool. I have also authored children’s ebooks, so while you are reading your children can too on their reading device!  

There is a wealth of information that you will more than likely find very helpful and could possibly be an eye opening experience. Did you  just experience a very hurtful breakup or has it been a while, but still seems so very fresh? Do yourself a helpful favor and purchase a copy of this book. You will be very happy you did!