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Lisa Harper
Cedar Hill, TX 75104

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Lisa Harper, author and entrepreneur, is a masterful storyteller adept at adapting morality messages into fun and captivating narratives. With a mind for business and a ministerial heart, she has launched, an app and selling platform for readers seeking guidance in an increasingly fast-paced and complicated world. Available to purchase on all electronic devices, her books delve into the heart of modern issues. Whether she’s battling bullying through the eyes of an adventurous little dog, or empowering women to turn their relationships over to God, her authentic voice shines through every page of the text.

Now, with 5 e-books under her belt, Lisa is breaking into the world of print. While each of her works grant readers a glimpse into Lisa’s character and perspective, ¬†they also allow readers a closer look at their own heart and soul. This is equally true of her debut novel,

The New Game of Men: 21st Century. This is a story of empowerment and self-love for women trying to build relationships in the digital age. As with all of her writing, Lisa’s down to earth style makes for compelling and personable reading.

Whether she’s writing fiction or memoir, short stories or full-length novels, Lisa strives to keep God at the center of her work. When she’s not finding creative ways to spread the good word.