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Writing The Wrongs: corporate corruption

From the time she was a little girl, Sophia dreamed of gaining a place and a name in the High Class Corporate world. Growing up in Oxnard, California allowed her to attend a prestigious school that prepped and primed her for her future career – and when she earned that coveted interview at Fray Incorporated, Sophia owed it all to hard work, determination and a good education. 
As an Office Manager at the elite Corporation, Sophia worked even harder, spending ten years becoming the best Manager she could be and sending Fray Incorporated even higher in number and success. Yet all dreams eventually crumble, and when intrigue came knocking, Sophia found hers shattered around her feet in dust and pain.
Accused of stealing money from the company, she is terminated without regard or defense. Lost and confused, Sophia heads to the safety of her home as she tries to piece the clues together. What happened? How did they set her up? And more importantly…. How can she right a wrong she cannot prove? 

Book Blurbs & Audio

Duce is eager to escape from his dull existence and wants to head to the city to find his old friend Manny. He sets off one fine day and finds himself in a strange and busy world like he had never experienced before.

Everything is so fast and big and dangerous in the city, and that includes another dog he encounters. 

Bullying a small puppy is the biggest, meanest, dog Duce has ever seen. But he knows that he must do something. He has to help the puppy before something dreadful happens.

Summoning all his reserves of courage Duce faces up to the bully, determined to save the puppy from her terrible fate. But will he succeed? Will he find a way to save her and will he be reunited with his friend?

Duce the Hero will make you laugh and cheer as the plucky dog goes on the adventure of a lifetime.

Pump the Brakes: barricades up

Some interesting pointers for single ladies (mini story) 

Duce and Manny: Best Friends

How two dogs meet and became best friends (mini story)

Journey's Book of Prayer's: by Granny

A prayer guide for small children

The New Game of Men: 21st Century (print and ebook)